Husky, Dingo and a Fox eating an egg

Our canidae all love eggs. We boil them and give them as treats maybe bi-weekly.

Ninja 0:00
Smilla 0:59
Leotie 1:14

One thing that I always find interesting are similarities and differences in behavior of dogs and I thought it would be a perfect example to demonstrate this with our pack.

At first, we have Ninja. He eats very slowly and carefully, it takes him almost a minute to eat the egg.
Secondly, we have Smilla. She has a different approach. You need to see this.

At last, we have Leotie. She started off, by securing the egg and looking for a place to hide it. After a bit she felt comfortable and realized her egg is secure. She started sniffing Ninja’s and Smilla’s eating spots to scan for leftovers. It takes her 50 seconds before she even starts eating the egg. As spoiled as she is, she splits the egg-white from the yolk. She eats the yolk and tries reluctantly again some egg-white. As surprise she left a little poop right there for me to clean up 😐

I find these variations in behavior very interesting, and always try to understand the behavior.

How do you interpret their behavior? Are such videos interesting to you?


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