Last week I was driving to Bernau in the Black Forest. On the way I made a short…

Last week I was driving to Bernau in the Black Forest. On the way I made a short stop in Rheinfelden.
For our studio pictures I use an electric cigarette to create smoke. However all the heads were burnt over time.
It took me half a year to get to the shop and ask for a replacement.
Last week however the little store seemed empty and I went inside. While asking for a replacement head I mentioned that I need one to make a lot of smoke for some moody pictures. The lady in the store was like ‚Oh, I like to take pictures of my Wolfdog!‘
I was really surprised because wolfdogs are quite a rare sight in Germany and the scene is rather small.
She knew Hadez and Ninja and we probably talked for 30-46 minutes 😆
Imagine the odds to go into a random store and have people know you 😆
Tomorrow I will be close to Bernau again to pick up some frozen meat. @dhl_global managed to put the packages into the vehicle at 10:09 and decided at 10:10 that no one was at home to pick up the packages… Well 3 of the 4 ( it was one delivery), because the lightest package without frozen contents was delivered just fine, just 3 hours later ^^
The packages are even labeled as frozen delivery and they chose deliberately to deliver them to their store instead. DHL is just so insanely annoying. Fortunately the meat is well isolated and it should not be a problem, but it is still an annoying experience.
I was planning to spend today in the Black Forest but will do so tomorrow 😊


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