There is such an amazing mood in the forest at this time of the year. The mornin…

There is such an amazing mood in the forest at this time of the year. The morning smelled like mushrooms and autumn… and Valerian. It was actually the first smell I noticed 🤢 But it does fit right into it.
I found the dance the falling Autumn leaves performed for us very enticing. It was like rain, just with leaves and the smell of autumn… The little noises the leaves did when they hit each other and when they were swept over the floor.
It was wonderful.

We had a couple of really busy days with the preparation of yesterday’s post.
Last evening I also started catching up with reporting close to 30 accounts that used 584 of my pictures without permission. Been wanting to do that for a long time and did not have a proper solution for it, sadly.
So I spent half the night programming a way where I can easily copy the URL’s of pictures that have been used without my consent.
Then I spend up to 04:00 catching up with all the reports you sent me.
‚Why didn’t you message us first? You should be happy that we use your pictures ( without attribution )‘ Of course it did not last till the insults came:’You ugly piece of shit!‘
I mean, honestly, this is why I don’t write and that I do not have the time to write You e.g. 84 messages for every picture you took. This took long enough the way it is already.
I really wish Instagram would come up with a solution, a content ID tool where I could whitelist or blacklist accounts to use my content… or a share function that leads people to the original creator.
It would move all these pages out of their illegal behavior and still retain the views for Instagram to show ads…
We will just have to see where the road leads us. So thank you very much for messaging me the pictures and Accounts.


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