Good News for Druids, Consumables and Weaponprocs may come back

Vaneras has some good news for Druids. Blizzard is evaluating what kind of consumables and weapon procs could be back to the Game. While the implementation was a originally a bug, the devs like the idea of implementing this. Read here yourself.


The fact that Druids in the beta test could use consumables and items while being shapeshifted was a bug. It was an unforeseen side effect of the original intent, which was to allow for Druids to interact with NPC's while being shapeshifted.
However, the developers do like the idea of consumables being used while in Druid forms, but the above mentioned bug prevented a proper implementation of this ability, which would otherwise allow shapeshifted Druids to use certain consumables such as Rage and Healing Potions, Thistle Tea and Healthstones. The developers are currently evaluating which items they want Druids to be able to use while in forms, and as soon as all issues are resolved, it will be reintroduced into the game.

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