Enhancement Shaman solos Void Reaver

My fans (rawr yeah!) on YouTube got the request to fraps more soloing and I thought this would be an interesting Boss to show. The issue with Void Reaver, the 3rd Boss in Tempest Keep The Eye, is that he fires big balls of electrity that do a large radius AoE silence. While being in a 25 man raid it won’t matter that much, however soloing you will be targeted each and every time ending up more or less chain silenced.



Once in a while Void Reaver pushes the player with the highest threat back and starts hitting the second highest one. So the idea is to fight void reaver at a slope in his room sp he can kock you a bit further away than normally, out of reach of the sliencing orbs, then you can cast 1-2 Spells before being silenced again.

Since we can’t use spells my choice of Weapon Imbues is earth living on mainhand and flame tongue on offhand, to get the most out of lava lash. You should check your previous parses, if your windfury or lava lash damage is higher and maybe go with wf / earthliving instead.

Imbues and Glyphs

Unleashing earthliving can be done while silenced and it does heal a good 5k and it can proc earthliving weapon for some more healing … and it gives + 30% to your next instant heal. This makes it really nice in this fight.

My pvp spec is enhancement resto, but it seems that too much defense is a bit counter productive there, it is easier to get him down faster.

The only 2 changes to my normal PvE loadout is the above mentiones Earthliving and Glyph of Stoneclaw Totem. This glyph places a weak shield on you for a few seconds but it is strong enough combined with unleash earthliving to keep you above 50% hp.

Once in a while you will not be silenced then cast a heal, feral spirit or shamanistic rage. You can for example use feral spirit + spirit walk to get further away from the next impact, etc.


Enough of the talking, here is the video

Void Reaver drops 3 pairs of T5-Shoulder Token and a level 70 epic in addition to 250 gold.

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