Cataclysm: Enhancement Shaman, Mana Pool

Cataclysm Myrddin Character Selection Level 83Finally I got invited to Cataclysm Beta and leveled my Enhancement Shaman Myrddin to level 83. One of the first changes I noticed was the very low mana pool.



The first thing that struck me, was that we are only running around with 5.6k Mana – at level 80. Pretty much like Retribution Paladins.

With improved Stormstrike gone and Shamanistic Rage changed we do not have any way to regain our mana pool fast. Of course we have Primal Wisdom now, which gives each Hit a 40% chance to restore 5% Base Mana, roughly 220. But as soon as we are away from something to hit we run oom really fast.

In case you die and heal up you’ll end up at 90% hp and 0% mana. It takes an average of 2 mob to get to full mana again.

Especially in instances it seems to be an issue atm, we are running oom from placing totems or doing an AoE rotation. Especially if there is a boss like neptulon that requires a lot of movement.

However it seems a bit better at Level 83, with 14000 Mana and 660 mana per swing. Also the latest build introduced something weird, I seem to have 600 mp/5 while in combat, it remains to be seen if this is a bug or feature.

Cataclysm Myrddin Character Screen Stats

Blues touched the issue recently:

It’s not the intent that Enhancement has to worry about mana a lot. Generally you should have enough mana to do what you want to do. It’s a model we’re still adjusting. We haven’t quite established a base regen for the casters and healers that we’re happy with and every time we tweak that, it affects the Ret paladins and Enhancement shaman, who aren’t really supposed to be mana-constrained.Ghostcrawler

Remember the level cap is still 83 on Beta, maybe it is all different at Level 85. I’ll post if I know more.

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  1. To the original poster. You completely missed the point of being a shaman who is speced melee. No offense.I will state this as also another person who was on beta testing the Enhancement shaman. um… i uninstalled Cataclysm for a good reason. It sucked. Some of the backgrounds looked good. it had some good music in some zones. Bad in others. The point was testing the Enhancement shaman.

    It sucked bad! It was the worst experience i had ever had in a video game Beta test and i have tested a few. I will say this. If you are on live servers. You can obviously see all your abilities only boost spell damage. You are a melee. Why would you be getting spell damage boost high in your Talent tree? Bad design. You character had no defenses and dies easily if you pull more than 1 mob on you. You cannot handle damage. How does anyone expect you to tank. OH! that’s right You wont be tanking!

    Shaman on live servers right now are getting kicked out of there guilds because of the piss poor damage they are doing right now! Ghostcrawler just stated on one Enhancement post! Note this ONE! Stayed away from the shaman forums. Saying shaman are a little behind the other classes. OK a little behind. How about the only 19 people playing the shaman class on the server. There are tons of people playing the other classes. All Testers of the shaman class who started at level 1 QUIT by level 40! ALL OF THEM! including me! All my talent tree turned in to spell casting!

    As for the Spell book even more stupid. It was so jumbled around it didn’t even make sense. What i figure is there trying to make the shaman class exactly like the paladin class. Ok here is the problem. This is not the paladin class. There for RETARDED IDEA! It gets worse! Most functions don’t even work. Buttons are broken. we reported it. it was not fixed and went live! Really dumb idea! GCs comment was a flat out lie! The class is horrific. Have you ever seen Avatar the last Airbender TV series. it was epic. The Enhancement shaman plays like M.Night Shyamalan The Last Airbender movie! EXACTLY LIKE IT! It was Horrific! The control of the class is you stand there with your big weapons and cast spells! That’s your Enhancement melee class! YOU SUCK! Then this complete bull about at level 85 its balance out is a load of crap! it still sucks for Enhancement. You cant kill anything! You DIE if you don’t cast spells! Your not melee your a firkin Caster!

    DO NOT BY CATACLYSM You will not be able to get your money back if you do. let everyone buy it first. Then listen to the complaints on the shaman forums. Because if you have not had a blue on shaman forums this long. Do you actually believe they fixed the class at all? Are you that stupid? They have not fixed anything. You are doing less damage now on live. That is the same talent tree and spell book on Beta! YOU WILL LOSE EVERY FIGHT! GOD HELP YOU IF YOU PVP FLAG! Shamans are doing 12.000 damage hits every 6 seconds where warriors are doing 42.000 damage hits! every second! EVERY SECOND! DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!

    1. @Warsun99
      I think you exaggerate a bit. I have raided at 85 and it did nto look that bad for us. Ghostcrawler has replied in different threads about us and said even in one that at 85 our damage may be a little low (together with a rogue spec) and they will look into it.

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