Carbine Studios stylish MMO Wildstar revealed at Gamescom

Carbine Studios have revealed the project they have been working on, in secret, for the past 5 years. It is called Wildstar and its offical Homepage is here: don’t just jump away yet, below is a brief glance at information, screenshots and a Gameplay Video gathered from various sites for you.


Positive Feedback

I’ll be brief, information is popping up all over the net, everyone writes about a different aspect of the game, while the official site isn’t providing details about the game, its world, classes, etc.
In fact they are busy linking gaming sites on Facebook at the moment, as if they encourage us to look around what others are saying about the game.

The feedback is very positive, in fact the only negative review came from a german gamer magazine – the one that did not get the german exclusive rights 😀

This is what I have found for you!

The Dropship Crashed

The Behemoth, an Arkship, has been flying to the newly discovered Planet Nexus, in order to discover ancient relics and magic. These were left behind by the Eldan, a highly advanced culture, which suddenly departed.

The flight to Nexus ends prematurely as the Dropship gets shot down and crashes on the planet’s surface. The Survivors are trying to build up a base camp, explore the area and are eventually on the task to find out what happened to the Eldan


Only 3 character races have been introduced at the gamescom

  • Granok, made of stone
  • Aurin, humanoids race with big bunny ears (don’t laugh, I really mean ears!), who are looking for a new world to live on
  • Human


I haven’t found much about the classes yet, will update once I do!

  • Warrior
  • Esper (Caster)
  • Spellslinger


Additional to the classes, you will choose 1 of 4 possible paths, depending on your playstyle. The path will  open additional quest objecties and rewards. An explorer might get a reward for locating a gravitational anomaly, while a soldier may for example need to escoret a NPC.

  • Explorer
    supplied with a tracker that leads to points of interests
  • Scientist
    interested in lore and eager to find out what happened to the Eldan
  • Settler
    help to build up settlements
  • Soldier
    the soldier secures and defends outposts

Paths are not restricted to certain Classes, you can crate a Warrior Scientist or a Esper Soldier. It seems that some objectives can be shared and completed together. For exmaple a Soldier defends a structure and gets help from Non-Soldiers. If they succeed all get the rewards. The same was shown when an explorer opened a path to a peak on a mountain.


There are 2 factions, „the Dominion“ (the bad guys), and the ones you see above „Die Vertriebenen“, could be translated as the displaced. Towards the end of a gameplay presentation a ship full of rescued civilists was shot down by the evil Dominion.

Cinematic Trailer

A picture, or video like in this case, can say more than 1000 words.

[youtube width=“560″ height=“345″][/embed]

What I thought about the Trailer

So what did you think? It was not what I expected at all. In fact I was quite shocked. It looked like a Disney Trailer to a new movie, not like a mmorpg made for adults. While expecting some Witcher-like violence, cruelty, scars, bloods and gore it was „Captain Future“ on a Motorcycle that raced of the dropship, accompanied by a female Bugs Bunny 😀

Not that I dislike the trailer, in fact it is amazing, but it is so different from my expectations. Most games tend to use the latest technologies to come even closer to that last bit of realism and Carbine creates this unique, colorful, beautiful cartoon style.

I am still getting used to it at the moment, watching the gameplay video below

[youtube width=“560″ height=“345″][/embed]

There is definitely some charm to it, and if you look at the screenshots below you will see that even an anime style can create cool, unqiue and fierce bosses. In fact the game looks quite polished, more than I actually thought it would. From total disclosure to a playable demo is pretty darn impressive.


Here are the links wher eI got my information from:

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