Burning Crusade Installation annoyances.

I started to play MMORPG's with Asheron's Call and I always love the international flair, when meeting players from other countries. The idea alone to only play with German players never appealed to me – it feels like a limit in the multicultural environment of an MMORPG. Of course I played World of Warcraft on an English Server with an English Client that I had to download from questionable ressources.

Why is Blizzard so restrictive to us European players? You can download the US-Client officially, the Korean one but not the European ones, why is that?

Related to this I just encountered another issue. I do no longer have my original World of Warcraft CD's and used only the install that I downloaded to avoid the issues that were always a problem for players using the ELP English Language Pack. Issues ingame, the files using multiple times harddisk space and Addons not working properly were enough to force me away from the ELP

Now I wanted to install the Burning Crusade bought from the store here but it refused to install because it requires a German Client! Having no German Client at Hand I am having some issues right now. The German stores here have no English Clients and I am screwed.

I was hoping my original WoW would upgrade to Burning Crusade, or I was able to upgrade my beta to full, but it is not working. I do not know if it is a try to make it more difficult for illegal versions of World of Warcraft and open World of Warcraft Servers.

So I need to find a German World of Warcraft Client (yikes) or an English Version of the Crusade Beta.

I just do not understand Blizzard there, shouldn't they be happy about each person downloading the client? With Blizzards Peer-to-Peer Solution to hte Bandwidth it is not even their traffic and it is far from customer friendly …

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  1. Well, I have to agree it’s very very annoying, I’m stuck with an English version and can only buy the German BC client here which will not install. ( Apart from the fact i doubt i would understand much ofcourse)
    I hope they fix this some time in the future .

    By the way, you can buy a donwload version by now from Blizz, but it would be nice to have multiligual versions of the gam.

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