48 hours Burning Crusade

Burning Crusade has been online for 48 hours and its time for a first summary. I have seen launches of many mmorpgs and many expansions in other games, so I think I am qualified to say that the launch has been much smoother than expected. Ravencrest – EU is a highpopulation Server and that means of course the Outlands were down more than a few times. But everyone being crowded in the same zone has these results and I doubt any other company would have done a better start. Over the next days with the highly varying levels of our players the issues will reduce.

After 27 hours we had the first Level 70, but its rather not that impressive if you have a team of 20+ players killing the mobs you tag so you get all the experience. Especially considered that players leveling by their own means are not far behind. For example FS from teh Guild Borked and Nelle expect to be 70 early this morning. It is probably a group of powerplayers on each realm 🙂

I find it hard to motivate at the moment to just grind xp without looking around in the new outlands. Its only the first time you can really enjoy it all … The second char will always walk through content you already have see.

On our PvP Server Horde and Alliance are leveling side by side, not harming each other. At first I did the same, ignoring the reds focussed on my quests until questmobs and ressources were taken by a red and returned to PvP again.

Anyway this is just a short note to let you know I am still alive. I will post some more information these days. Do not forget to use the search function on the sidebar and have fun with the expansion.

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