Burning Crusade Beta: Patch 2.03 Rogue Changes

World of Raids has the new patchnotes for Burning Crusade Beta Patch 2.03 online. You can read all patch notes here. For us Rogues only some minor changes were applied.


  • Rogue talent Weapon Expertise changed to 2/2 increasing weapon skill of daggers/swords/fist weapons by 10.
  • Suprise attacks dmg increased from 8% to 10%.
  • Renataki Charm of Trickery changed (scales with lvl now, 40 energy at lvl 70)
  • Venomous Totem changed to: Use: Increases the damage dealt by instant Poison by 65 and the periodic damage dealt by Deadly Poison for 22 for 20 sec.
  • Rogue T4 set bonuses changed, are now:
    (2) Set: increases the duration of your Slice and Dice ability by 1 sec per combo point.
    (4) Set: Your finishing moves have a 15% chance to grant you a combo point. 

Weapon Expertise is still quite useless, since the nerf of +weaponskill. It no longer reduces the damage reduction by glancing blows and just increases the critchance versus higher level mobs by 0.1% per +weaponskill. I do not think it is worth 2 Talent points

I  have not heard if they also adjusted the mace skill in the mace specialization, but I would not wonder if Blizzard forgut us poor mace rogues again 😉 But then +weaponskill is so useless nowadays that it will not matter anyhow.

I like the increase of Surprise Attacks damagebonus. But I still think here that with Slice and Dice as THE finisher in PvE for a combat Rogue making finishing moves nondodgeable is a slap in the face of every combat Rogue and I would like to have it back on Sinister Strikes.

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