Burning Crusade Beta: Melee Token Turn In Rewards (Hard Mode)

The Scenery of Burning Crusade is really nice and different from the current environment. Take a loot at Zangamarsh here.

I also frapsed a Video that will give You some impressions from the Look and Feel of Burning Crusade. Its currently 16Gb of Data that I still need to cut together.

Since everybody in general chat seemed to imply that Shattrath City is THE place to go, I decided to make a little Trip. There are portals to every major City and its the perfect Heartstone location.
It is a real big place with several Levels of elevation. There was a central area, an area that made me think of the Slum part up to the higher Levels of the Aldor and the Scryer with thei futuristic looking Mechbots guarding the entrances.

I also found the Token Turn In NPC for Hard Dungeons. Here is a series of Melee rewards starting with an Offhand Dagger. More Melee rewards can be found by navigating.

To be honest I amnot really impressed with it … You seem to need 15 BoP Items to be able to turn them into an reward. I did not find any other weapons, or Tier IV set, yet.

Enchants like the one from Sapphiron (1% crit + some Attackpower) can be bought from the Quartermaster from different factions.
Even though its well designed, the navigation in the city seems rather complicated, due to the different level of elevation. Of course the Guards did not give hints to where trainers are and when I finally found the flight point I was really happy to find out that I did not know any connected flightpoint. So if You plan on riding there, stop by at some outposts first.

The other thing I noticed was thousand of new factions. I do not know if there will be an extensive grind to it, or if raising one faction will drop the other, but my decission to reroll a human Rogue might not be that bad after all 😉

Take a look at the Screenshots above or here in my Screenshot section and stay tuned for a small Video.

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