Burning Crusade: First Impressions Video

For those that have no Beta Key I have frapsed about 25 Minutes of Gameplay. I have used a resolution of 640×512 so you can actually read the ingame descritptions and icons.

Don’t expect something too fancy, its nothing special, just a fight versus some Monsters, some ganking and a long ride through Zangamarsh, Nagrand, Terokkar Forest and Shattrath City. I like the new Zones, especially Zangamarsh is very nice with its huge giant mushrooms and the blueish glow.

Download the video here.

Slant in Telredor

I used the xvid and lame mp3 codec to compress the file. You can always use the Video Lan Client to watch movies without needing to install any libraries, VLC has them built in.

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