As You have seen yesterday in our story, Ninja had a tick on his eye and I got m…

As You have seen yesterday in our story, Ninja had a tick on his eye and I got many questions if I removed it and how.
For one, I started the first day as Ninja came into my life to train to touch him everywhere. I touch him in his ears, look at his teeth, his eyes, etc…
Ninja also had a large amount of ticks over the years and he has become used to me removing them, even if it pinches and hurts (when they are small and hard to grab).
This did not work flawless from the start, we had to sit this out, doing countless tries of ( no you do not move while I examine you ). Don’t forget these are vulnerable positions and it’s uncomfortable for the dog and he needs to learn to trust and to withstand the impulse to get out if this situation.
You can see it well here, he is uncomfortable and does not like it, but he does not move. His eyes flicker as it is a reflex which is near impossible for him to control. So I made several approaches, moved Ninja into the right position and then pulled and twisted it out.
We use tick chemical tick repellant and this was the first tick he had this year and was already dead. I do not want discussions about home remedies, we tried them all over the past 20+ years we had dogs… But if you live in a risk area each single tick can be problematic, so we decided for the chemical solution… as little as necessary…
Ticks are annoying, but it is no drama to remove them with proper training. I think it is important to stay calm yourself and act as if it is the most normal thing to do.
This video is cut, as I had to 15 seconds to keep it under a minute.



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  1. For ticks you can use :
    -coconut oil
    -almond oil
    -leem oil
    -diatomic powder
    -garlic -lavender
    There is more than 1001 plants that repels ticks as hell.

  2. Curious, is the “chemical tick repellant” some sort of prevention you give to Ninja or are you talking about something used for the yard? Here in the States there are multiple different preventives applied either topically or orally for fleas, ticks, and internal parasites.

  3. Yes we are an extremely high risk tick area. I work at a shelter and have had to pull hundreds off of dogs over the years. Still makes me cringe every time but know it’s necessary to get them off as soon as possible. We have to use a chemical medication for my dog to keep the ticks off of her, as she get them so easily. Thankfully it’s worked well and we haven’t had issues.

  4. Our Husky/German Shepherd mix rescue intensely disliked us trimming her nails when we first had her. But we kept praising her for good behavior/tolerating our touch in areas she was nervous about. I think if done right, eventually your dog will “know” that any touch of yours isn’t meant to cause harm and is no reason for nervousness.

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