I get questions about dog training every day. On one side it is kind of nice tha…

I get questions about dog training every day. On one side it is kind of nice that people value our progress, but at the same time I am not a dog trainer. I do neither know You nor Your dog, so it would be reckless to give advice about your dog.
What I can do is show how our training works and maybe you see and try some of the tricks on your dog and see if they work for You or not.
I handfed Ninja about half of his daily food ration in exchange for tricks, using positive reinforcement and marker training. Basically I reward good behavior.
On our hikes I carried many really high value treats with us. For us it was „dried chicken hearts“ that I dipped in salmon oil. Dogs came from everywhere for these treats 😆
I rewarded Ninja when he looked at me, I rewarded when he came to me,… When Ninja did not pay attention to me I hid some goodies in the grass, in a hole, in treebark, and stood still pointing//looking at the spot. Ninja would become curious why we do not move on and would search the area I was pointing at and find the treat.
The idea was to teach him, that it is rewarding to pay attention to me. Yes it was a lot of treats at the beginning and later we reduced them and eventually they were no longer necessary.
But when You start training it is extremely important that You go high value rewards.
We use dried chicken hearts from @lico.nature
The chicken hearts are 100% dried chicken heart, no additives.
The dogs love them and totally focus on us. The chicken hearts can be easily chewed and fly reasonably well. Due to their shape they can easily be clamped to tree bark, rock and they do not roll away.
Also they are not sticky or fatty so our hands stay clean.
I used to dry chicken hearts myself because I did not know the source of the ones you get in the average pet shop.
I visited Lico Nature’s BARF and treat manufacture and was positively surprised. Their products are of food grade quality without additives and very fresh as their source for meat is next door.
We have been using their treats ever since. The products are fresh and smell good you can see that Ninja focusses almost more on the tasty treat than on me.



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