Yesterday we had guests here, with Sicilian dogs – Cirneco dell’ Etna It is a hu…

Yesterday we had guests here, with Sicilian dogs – Cirneco dell’ Etna
It is a hunting dog and they were very cute, reminded me a bit of Dobby from Harry Potter.
They were 3 girls and our 3 boys were super happy to meet them. Especially Kaihu loved to play with them.
Roja was not so happy to share her boys though 😆
I had just returned from the beautiful hike in the forest. I literally thought „How nice and fresh it is in the forest. I am so happy that I do not have to walk along the meadows in the bright sun.
But to ease the tension between Roja and the girls we decided to take another walk… along the meadows through the sun 🥵
Then about 5 seconds after making the last story video Ninja pulled at the leash as I was not expecting it and I fell to the floor. My trousers were all torn and my leg bloody… gah…
I was not mad at Ninja, it was me not paying attention… The path was leading downwards on a road filled with rubble, 2 dogs on one hand, trying to post the story… It took only a slight pull on the leash 😆
It was my most embarrasing moment for quite some time.
When we returned the dogs, also Roja was, were great together. It is so nice to be able to have visitors here with dogs and not to have worries about the dogs.
It usually does work great to just go along together, without extended greetings and sniffing… The dogs can do that on the way little by little.
I always say nothing makes new friends as a hike together.
So we had a relaxed evening and an extended breakfast in the morning.
What was your last embarrassing moment, if you are willing to share?
Either way, Wish You a great weekend.


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  1. I hope you are better now. With my dogs? One of my dogs Trufa wanted to be near another dog. We went to say hello, and after a moment Trufa decided she didn’t want to say hello and turned unfriendly.

  2. Hi friend! I hope you are ok and your legs will recover soon. My last embarrassing moment was this one I guess (I try to forget them in fact) : It’s 2 months ago, Loar was off leash in Paris (which is not allowed) and some policeman came to ask me to put Loar on leash and talk a bit. 1) Loar bark at them (he does that sometimes), 2) I forget the leash at home… They were quite cool with me as Loar great them after finishing his barking session… I just realised that It was been a while since the last time I walked him on leash.

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