Slowly I was starting to wear down with the current crisis, but then situation s…

Slowly I was starting to wear down with the current crisis, but then situation seems to improve a little.
It has been the first day I drove Frank to drive to the train station again and a dear friend of mine can open his restaurant again.
So at the end of the horizon there is definitely light, even if it is the sunset because now I have to get out of the house before 6:00 again 😆
It will also mean that I can go a to a few different places again to hike before I pick him up at the evening.
So I am just looking for a few nice and secluded places to do that.
Think Hadez and Ninja will be very happy about it as they marked each tree on our little hill by now 😆
Also the weather seems to change and my headache is fading a bit. Often when it turns rainy and wet I get a headache. It is warm and sunny outside.
Is the situation changing where You are? Can’t wait for the borders to re-open. It seems so silly since all of the countries here seem to be in a similar good/bad situation and it does not seem as if it had helped at all.
Probably it even hurt the European thought of a United Europe… Interesting how quickly a submicroscopic agent can lead to ‚everyone for themselves‘. ‚Oh this neighbor country requires medical supplies to overcome this crisis… nevermind we need it more…‘,’There are 100 sick people more, let’s close these borders, but don’t forget to let the wares they produce and we need through’…
Also those people who like to point their fingers at the poor in Germany ( Hartz IV ) realize that they can end up themselves requiring help a lot quicker than they thought – without any of their own wrongdoing.
Just wish the poor would actually go vote as long as they do not, no politician will care… 13 million people live in poverty in Germany, imagine if they would all go vote.
But let us look ahead at the positive things to come. Each step towards normality is one I look forward too. Even though I will miss social distancing and an elevator all for myself 😆
I decided for a happy Ninja face, to cast a smile on you 😊
So… Will go and hike with Ninja and Hadez now. Have a great day.
Thought and feedback welcome 😊


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  2. Here is also getting better. I hope it will go on so, even if yesterday I saw too many pupils…much to near to each others, like before…and most in the tram didn’t care about distances….

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