Yesterday we had a visitors here. You already know that I always need to get use…

Yesterday we had a visitors here. You already know that I always need to get used to that – each time – and need a little space to adjust.
So we split up at the beginning, they were going into the forest to BBQ ( yeah you can do that here in 🇨🇭, they often even provide the wood ) I was heading to the Erwmtigae in Arlesheim, a village close to us .
I had heard about the pretty caves, grottos and the castle and decided to give that a try.
It was a very picturesque location, had a medevial charm to it. There is a little path that leads through the caves up to the castle and down at the other side.
Ninja and me took our time exploring and I made some pictures. While dogs are not allowed off-leash, I payed a lot of attention and waited at one spot 30 minutes till it was completely empty. Then I let Ninja off-leash for a minute to make pictures, or until new visitors entered the area.
The little exploration took us neatly 3 hours as we took our time, at least further up away from the places that were less frequently walked by others.
It was really nice since there were often multiple ways to get to the same spot I could direct Ninja one way and wait at the other to make pictures of him 😊
This place was called the Grotto, a path leads past it at the right side and through it at the top to the other side. At the area behind Ninja they come together. As this spot was a bit aside the main path I spend most time there to take pictures.
Ninja was in a very good mood and loved to pose and make serious faces. He was also very focused, which is usually quite tiring.
Shortly after we arrived home Frank, Raphaela and our visitors returned from their trip as well. Later I joined them when we made our famous pizza. I think the dogs loved the extra attention from the kids but we’re dead tired in the evening. Usually they wake me up between 7:30 and 8:30 but today they slept till 9:30… 😆
It was a fun day 😊


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