WoW Patch 2.2 Audigy 2 ZS Latency and Sound Fix!

With the removal of hardware accelerated Sound, and thus rendering our Sound cards useless, I have experienced quite a lot of annyoing side effects. Huge lag spikes, high latency crippled sound.

After reading the official World of Warcraft Technical Forum I found a a message, that old audigy 2 drivers would fix the issues. It took me quite some time to find a driver that worked for me, but I wanted to share the link for you. Now everything seems to work jsut fine. Download the driver SBA2_EAX4DRV_031031.exe here: Audigy 2 ZD Driver

Notice, that this is a work around and an old driver, thus it may cause some issues with other programs. At least it worked for me.

Update: Creative Labs is apparently in contact with Blizzard about the issues(Link):

Hi everyone,

I have an update for you on this:

Following the recent WoW patch and the ensuing forum debates concerning audio, Blizzard's director of audio took the time and trouble to contact our developer relations group to discuss the matter. He explained that the recent audio changes in the game were necessary, extensive and ongoing. Initial efforts to turn on hardware support with the new audio implementation were unsuccessful and they didn't have any time left to work on it prior to the patch release. However, he has assured us that once they have had the chance to clear up the immediate issues with in-game audio they will turn their attention back to enabling hardware audio to work again via the new scheme. Creative greatly appreciates the positive response that Blizzard has offered in answer to its concerns, and while there can be no guarantees, we are optimistic that Creative soundcard owners will once again be enjoying a fully immersive WoW experience complete with hardware based 3D mixing and effects in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, please ensure you have the latest drivers loaded for your card to ensure best compatibility with the new audio system introduced in the recent patch. Thank you for your understanding.


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  1. Hey, i couldn’t find a place to effectively ask my question so ill ask it here:
    where does your rogue rank among DPS in raids, compared with sword rogues, and another question, i’ve been researching, and the mace stun effect does not seem to be MH procced, so then would it be viable for those of us who do want to be better in DPS for raids (provided that maces are not better than Sword speccd) to choose a good MH sword, and a good OH mace, to maximize both the extra swing and the stun effect(even tho bosses may not be stunned, but the other mobs will)? How do you think this would work out?

  2. I have changed to a Shaman, I prefer the improvement a hybrid character can give and real good enhancement Shamans are impossible to find.
    But regarding your questions. Swords will always be better DPS than Maces, due to the Extra Swing Proc and you will need a ton of hit to make offhand procs on a decent rate. But even dual wieldiing will only have a low and unpredictable proc rate. At the same time you will gimp your Sword Procs. Either go one way or the other 😉

  3. Thanks for your response, my main concern was being competitive in raids with other rogues, but i guess seeing how often blackout hits it works for me. Though I did have one question: why did you choose crusader enchant (possibly over mongoose)? I mean the 100+str is nice, but if I am correct, +agi gives attack power, as such, what advantage does crusader have over mongoose(besides of course giving life to the user)?

  4. Well, I used to raid on my Rogue preTBC, but I prefer the roles of my hybrid Shaman and feral Druid in TBC. So I basically never upgraded my Rogue, he is as I leveled him in January 🙂 Dual Mongoose is very nice though and I would put it up if I'd be more active on the Rogue. Crusader is only +60 str at Level 60 btw 🙂 In 2.3 Mace Spec will get +5% crit damage which will make it more viable in Raids.

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