WotLK Beta – 51 Enhancement Shaman Spirit Wolves revealed

Todays new build finally revealed the Top Enhancement Shaman’s Talent Spirit Wolves. Their abilities got finalized.


Melee Range – Instant – 45 sec cooldown
Your Spirit Wolves stun the target for 2 Seconds.

Spirit Hunt

100 yd Range – Instant – 10 sec cooldown
Your Spirit Wolves‘ attacks heal them and you for 5 sec.

Spirit Walk

25 yd range – Instant – 32 sec cooldown
Removes all movement impairing effects and increases the movement speed of you and your Spirit Wolves by 60% for 15 sec.

Twin Howl

Instant – 15 sec – cooldown
Your Spirit Wolves howl, forcing all enemies to attack them for 6 sec.

Here is a little demonstration video about the Ghost Wolves:

2 Antworten auf „WotLK Beta – 51 Enhancement Shaman Spirit Wolves revealed“

  1. Hi,

    On one of the fights you seemed to ‚Frost Nova‘ one of the trash mobs…..what ability/weapon did you use for that ? Looks very cool, loving the look of spirit wolves 🙂

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