Witcher 3: Debug Console fixed for 1.05

The Witcher 3 Debug Console has been fixed for Game Version 1.05 at Nexusmods.

Debug Console fixed for Witcher 3 Version 1.05

Patch 1.05 sadly broke the original debug console. Fortunately, since the original author is away for a few weeks, Zanzer from Cheatengine fixed the hooks and made his own mod at Nexusmods. Jump here to download.


Dont forget, that there is a huge list of Witcher 3 Console Commands here.

12 Antworten auf „Witcher 3: Debug Console fixed for 1.05“

  1. Do you know if there’s a way to show item codes on screen? I can’t progress with a quest due to a bugged door that won’t open. I’ve seen on the other thread that there’s a code to open doors, but how o you get the id code for the door in question? I need to either see it on screen, or is there a file for the quest where I could see which door is supposed to get opened by the quest trigger.

    Alternatively – is there a way to move through walls, or inside rooms? I can teleport with xy(,) but that just puts me on the roof.

    Oh, and third option would be to reset the quest – is there a command for that?

  2. Having two major problems:

    1) Used the command ‚addmoney(#)‘ in it and did get a decent amount of money. Problem is the game isn’t recognizing the amount and assumes i have no money at all. I can’t buy anything, says that i have no money, can’t buy anything which the mission requires, shows the dialogue in red. I can’t remove the amount of money. That ‚removemoney(#)‘ command isn’t working for me at all.

    2) I did level up to 70, and got all the skill points, but the game isn’t recognizing that as well. I upgraded all axii slots, but the delusion dialogue still comes in red. I click on it, nothing happens. The last time i quick saved the game, it was a long while ago. Now i can’t go all the way back, i’ve progressed a lot.

    If anyone has any solutions please tell me.

        1. Could be… you do need the console enabler for your game version. But that doesn’t seem to the issue you were talking about, since you can access the console.

  3. Hi
    I have this problem whereby i had previously installed the console commands and used god mode. I’ve taken it off but for some my magic signs and stamina don’t need to regenerate as they are like on god mode themselves but my health is normal and can be damaged. I was wondering whether you could help me get it back to normal whereby my stamina and signs regenerate normally. I’ve tried cycling through god modes 1, 2 and 3 but nothing. I am running the game currently at v1.6.

    1. Try „staminaboy“, it should reset your stamina to „normal“. „staminaboy“ is like god a toggle, type again to turn it on and off.

  4. Ok so I’m trying to instal the mod and the fine bin that you put it in is not showing I got the game for steam but I only have game saves and settings can I get some help

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