Wish You all a happy first Advent. When looking to the horizon I have always see…

Wish You all a happy first Advent.
When looking to the horizon I have always seen this tall mountain far at the horizon.
The past week it was covered in white and I really craved to see it up close. So with no idea how to get there I just took Kaihu, Hadez and Ninja ❤️ and started to drive there.
The closer I got the higher the surrounding mountains got. I became a bit uncertain about the mountain’s location. My training as a helicopter pilot in the German Army Aviation Forces helps me to reliably orient in such cases, but I almost wanted to give it a more ‚researched approach‘ when we stood at the base of the mountain. I was so happy to see the snow and not so much when I saw how big it was.
My hiking app let me know that the mountain is the Belchen… at 1414m it is the 4th tallest mountain in the Black Forest.
We started to descend and it is a beautiful hike… It was not very steep, but was steadily leading up. We came across beautiful pastures as well as nice patches of fir trees and mossy rocks…
Do you do see something in the distance and just want to check it out? I am… I found a great deal of cool spots this way. I used to stop for a quick hike even on long distance travels if the area looked truly beautiful. I also remember these spots and want to go back there to visit them.
At the Belchen it was really nice, though next time I will park halfway up 😆😆 and took some time to make pictures such as this one 😊
I will post the wide version as a story, I am certain You will like it 😊


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