I want to answer some of the questions I got about yesterdays giveaway contest. …

I want to answer some of the questions I got about yesterdays giveaway contest.
Why CBD Oil for dogs?
I chose today’s picture as an answer to this question. Ninja’s eyes and chaps are, at times, sore.
We usually treat it with Cortison for 2 weeks and they will heal up and be good for some time.
Cortison helps for some time, but its use should be limited.
If the CBD Oil we just started using helps to soothe this, why should I not use it?
There are other uses as well. e.g. we hope that it does help with Kaihu’s hips. Kaihu has HD and at times, e.g. when it is cold and damp as it is now, is in pain. Of course we can give him pain killers such as Metacam, but the better solution might be to just give him CBD Oil.
There are plenty of other reasons, e.g. it helps old dogs, helps the immune system, allergies, anxiety, etc…
I think it is wrong to expect miracles from CBD Oil. But I want to try. I will be very happy with any improvement. Why not use a natural remedy over a chemical one?
Does my dog get high? Can I use 8t for myself? 🤪
Well actually it does neither make dogs addicted nor does it make them high as there is less than 0.2% THC in CBD Oil.
In a nutshell, dogs and humans have a natural Cannabinoid System in their body. The CBD Oil connects to the system and helps balance this system.
So You can take it, it will help you, but not make you high… not even if you use too much, you will only get sleepy.
Again, if it helps Ninja, why shouldn’t I use it?
So if You are from Germany, Austria or Switzerland You should take the chance to win one of the packages.


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