Wildstar Warrior Gameplay

When I first heard about Carbine Studios glorious idea to start their class game-play streams during BlizzCom I had to chuckle. No doubt Carbine delivers amazing videos and the game looks solid, but there have been quite an amount of little things that are very annoying. And this is definitely one of them …

Blizzcon or Wildstar?

Isn’t the World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Heathstone, Heroes of the Storm and Starcraft audience exactly the kind Carbine should be trying to get interested in their game? After years of absolute secrecy and lack of substantial updates and thoughts are they now in such a rush to get attention that they have to start these sessions right now?

Carbine doesn’t want to hide but their amusing reply „Time waits for no orc.“ did not really fill the guild hall with laughter.

Carbine Class Gameplay: Warrior

Regardless if Wildstar is your main interest or if you did miss the stream for ‚other‘ reasons 😉 , here is the video on demand archive for the Wildstar Warrior Gameplay..

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