While we spend most of these super hot days – 104°F // 40°C – inside I was looki…

While we spend most of these super hot days – 104°F // 40°C – inside I was looking for an older picture to post.
This is one of my favorites… As You know I like Ninjas serious face and moody backgrounds. It was an equally hot day, but directly at the riverside.
If you have followed our videos you may have noticed that there are a lot of meadows around us and last evening we took the dogs to run around at one of them.
While Hadez, Kaihu and Roja were playing together Ninja was dashing around for himself. When Roja disciplined Hadez for playing a bit rough, Ninja tried took the opportunity to put himself above Hadez in the hierarchy 😄 But I quickly stopped this behavior.
It is not common that adult wolfdogs tolerate intact rivals of the same sex. So while I enjoy that they seemingly like each other I have the thought in mind that their friendship might come to an end during such a confrintatiin… and that would be a real shame.
After they circled each other a bit with stiff legs everything was back to normal. I tried to distract Hadez to have him focus on me instead 😊
As it is really hot I will give the dogs the ice cream I made for them a few days ago today… So look forward to the live stream later 😊


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