The next heatwave is coming… I always melt when the temperatures rise and do n…

The next heatwave is coming… I always melt when the temperatures rise and do not like to spend too much time outside.
This morning, after I brought Frank to the railway station I wanted to visit the rocks behind Liestal, close to Basel 🇨🇭 But as it was like 6:00 when we left the house I had forgotten the camera and the leash… I returned home. Hadez, Roja and Kaihu appeared to be sleeping. So I snatched camera and gear to look for a nice new place to hike. We found a few nice spots already close to Rheinfelden and and Eichsel, so I decided to aim for a tower on a mountain top. I can always see it from the balcony and wonder if there is a nice view from there… Being the tallest mountain and such. At the same time I also did not want to drive too far… So when I saw a beautiful pine Forest – I still look for a very dark pine, with lots of needles or moss on the ground close to Basel – and we stopped to take a hike into the valley. Beautiful spots were everywhere and I did not pay attention to the little bugs that pestered us in hope for a little meal 😄
Hoping for the perfect spot with soft morning sun we dived deeper into the cool forest. All of a sudden I had 4 horse-flies on my chest and it felt like a gazillion of their brothers and sisters arrived and I was cursing and wagged my arms like a mad man in defense. This must have been a fun view 🤪
I let Ninja off the leash and used the leash as a propeller to fend the horse flies off while retreating to the car.
200m before reaching the car I remembered that I wanted to take pictures and sent Ninja into a field where he hopped around the happy dog he is.
You can clearly see how happy he was…
I am glad that we made the best of the cool morning and hope we will have better luck next time 😊


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