What is a Tongue out Tuesday? . Tomorrow is a very important day for me, I have…

What is a Tongue out Tuesday? 🐺👅
Tomorrow is a very important day for me, I have waited 14 months to get an appointment. This will be a pre-talk for the upcoming interview.
Ninja does notice my nervousness and is there for me. I think it is really difficult for Ninja, when I separate from the others as dogs a very social, they like to be together and watch each other’s back. With each of Rojas barks I can sense that he wants to dash over to see what is going on. He runs to check when I encourage him but he instantly returns to my side, over being with his canine friends.
With all his beauty, this is what I love most about Ninja… He is always there for me.
When I am sick with fever and have the shakes he comes to me under the blanket, which must be insanely warm for him, and keeps me warm… He won’t move and just wait it out ❤️
I hope that in 2 weeks the interview will give me clarity. It is nothing bad, just an explanation why I am as I am. I will go into detail then.
I will save Ninja the long ride and have him stay with my friends. I miss him already. It is weird to say, but I know it will be tough for hin, when I leave at the evening… He always wants to be with me.
I am considering driving directly to Nordrhein-Westfalen ( a state in Germany ) and nap a few hours before the interview in the car… Which would be really not idealfor Ninja. The alternative would be to get up at like 4:00 and drive then… But I will only be dead tired then 😂
Tomorrow at this time I will feel so much better ❤️
If You want to, you can cross fingers and wish us luck. I read all comments and my silence ATM is no ill will, it is just so much to process for me at the moment. You’ll son learn why.
Wish you a happy day 😋


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  1. Fingers crossed and best wishes sent! I can relate to the anxiety of the new and of the separation from your furbaby!! Apache is with me 24/7 unless it is absolutely somewhere he can not go, then one of my daughters „babysit“ for me, because Apache suffers from separation anxiety too. Even when my girls watch him they say he will pace and howl the hole time I am gone. I will be honest and say that it is an overwhelming feeling when I return home to him, I do believe that he helps keep me grounded as much as I do with him!! Again best of luck and fingers crossed!!!!

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