Those of you who follow me for some time know that I prefer to be around animals…

Those of you who follow me for some time know that I prefer to be around animals than around people…
The social interaction simply stresses me out and I need a few days to gather myself. While I enjoy meeting good friends, even that stresses me out and I need time for myself.
It is really difficult for me to initiate contact, even when it is like calling for medical health. This nearly cost my life last summer ^^
Two years ago, several different sources pointed out that this might point to autism. While this sounds bad, it was actually a revelation that explained so many of my quirks. But or course screening tests on the internet are only an additional sign it does not replace a diagnosis.
It took me a year to get an appointment for diagnose, which is what I had this week.
To me it is not a disability, I am very smart – in some areas – and often to me it is as the normal people are the ones with the disability as I can see obstacles and problems before most others.
While I never understood why I was like this I understood that I was different even as a little kid. Anything I set my focus on I was able to gather any piece of information and quickly excel others…
My best friend told me once that he’d be a millionaire if he was as smart as me… But this strength comes with the afore mentioned weaknesses.
You wonder what I work, how I can have so much time for dogs… The truth is I can’t work. The absence the last week… I had this for 8 years, drawn back in my room, not exciting the house in daylight… No contact to family, partner, friends,… for 8 years…
That is why I can’t work, this is why I have time for this and why you should not be jealous to my life.
In 2 weeks I will have another appointment for a second diagnosis talk… I have an idea what it will lead to, but I will wait for confirmation.
My tower of strength is Ninia who is always there for me and of course last but not least Frank from @kaihu_und_hadez Thank You both for being there for me ❤️


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12 Antworten auf „Those of you who follow me for some time know that I prefer to be around animals…“

  1. A very brave and honest post. Here’s hoping that explanation and understanding goes some way to bringing you some clam and inner peace. Thankfully you have Ninia who is there to support you and what seems a good support network! Be strong!

  2. Auf das was du leistest mit Ninja und deinen Fotos, wie du die Menschen damit berührst, da kannst du unheimlich stolz drauf sein!!! Ich bin ein riesen Fan geworden und du bist, was die Hundefotografie angeht, mit eines meiner Vorbilder!!!

  3. I was diagnosed with autism this year. It has helped me understand myself more and it has helped others around me to better understand me. Now I get some help in school so I’m not falling behind so much and I understand why have been in the first place. I too am extremely smart, however, and that has not only confused others when I’m incapable of learning something but it has confused me. Hopefully whatever you learn about yourself will help you move forward in life and improve upon yourself 🙂

  4. thanks for your honesty. you are not alone: it took 30 years till a doctor said that she thinks that i have a kind of autism. i need to do some appointments in a clinic to clarify this. i’m nervous of this, not because of the results, because of those strangers who will decided what I AM. if you can do this, i can do this too! keep going ❤️

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