Werbung // Ad As You may remember, this spring we have been invited by and …

Werbung // Ad

As You may remember, this spring we have been invited by @karkaliscommunications and @tony_petfluenceragency to join a shooting by @vieler.photography a German Photographer famous for his pictures of dogs catching goodies. The whole event was sponsored by @joserapetfood
While I was a bit reluctant at first as I am not a fan of derpy pictures of Ninja and because things like these are never ‚easy‘ for me I came up with a lot of reasons why this would not be ideal, but Karkalis just kept solving these problems and I had no choice but to go 😆😆
In all seriousness, travelling to a far away town, meeting with people has never been easy for me, but fortunately Frank ( from @kaihu_unr_Hadez ) decided to join us with Hadez. This made everything a lot easier. Thank You Frank for being there for me and Karkalis for insisting 😊 and Josera for the opportunity.
Christian Vieler turned out not to be the allured TV Star Photographer I expected, but indeed was a down to earth, sympatetic person with a very good intuition for dogs.
He was even willing to share his techniques for these pictures 😊
In the end we got a few really nice pictures, which you may already have seen now and then on our live streams.
I chose to wait a while, because back then everyone posted these pictures and we were not very active in summer holidays. I wanted to gain a bit momentum again before posting.
So here is one of the pictures we created. I do not really know how to describe the expression as it is certainly cute and eminding me of a small kid adoring the glass of candy in his mother’s hands, knowing that soon it will receive one of these delicacies.
Kind of 😍😛🤤 if I wanted to describe it via emojis 😆
How would You describe it?
Thank You to all involved parties for this opportunity and the great results ♥️


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