One of my favorite captures from the . When communicating with brands I often h…

One of my favorite captures from the #glacier3000 .
When communicating with brands I often hear „But You are walking your dog every day and take picture of him anyhow!“
It really makes me wonder if people realize the amount of work that is behind this account.
Maybe 5-6 years ago, I took pictures while hiking… If we still took pictures in the same forest we hike each day this feed would be pretty dull to look at.
Location-scouting, travelling has taken over taking pictures while walking the dog.
Expressions like in this picture, can’t be just made. Ninja needs to be walked to familiarize with the area if you want a natural pose. Otherwise Ninja will merely focus on my commands and show tension and ‚lets move on‘ in his posture.
Here you can see him a bit distracted, curious, happy, self confident, despite the gusts of wind, rain and clouds passing through.
People we used the aireal cableway with were already descending again when we were still halfway on our way to the top.
Then you wait for the right moment – light/wind/water/people/snow/clouds – and hope for a natural posture, the facial expression you are looking for.
Sometimes he puts his ears back or to the sides and an opportunity for a great picture is lost ( yes, I pay attention to a lot of details )
It took an immense amount of training to get Ninja to pose and be remote controlled ( my voice and handsigns ) like a professional model.
After taking the picture post processing takes a lot of time as well… Scanning through hundreds of pictures editing them, deciding which one to post and finally writing and rewriting the post ( 50 min so far ) which is followed by networking on Instagram… commenting, liking, keeping in touch with people…
In my busiest times I did that another 5-9 hours each day.
To me it is really annoying when brands do not value all the work, but crave to benefit from it.
I have cut down my time on IG to 1-2 hours at most, which means not all messages and comments will be answered, but I do read and appreciate them all. Thank You all for staying interested in our lives and pictures. It is the fuel this engines runs on.


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