We are finally back and rested from our long trip. I made a lot of pictures and …

We are finally back and rested from our long trip. I made a lot of pictures and instantly fell in love with most of them.
I spent the last few hours editing the pictures of our first day – streamed it live on our Discord server https://discord.gg/SGMhF3m – so if you were among the ones watching You already know a few of the pictures 😊 and you were able to follow my editing process 😊
We stopped here at the road between Bernau and Todtmoos as there is a spot with lots of beautiful rocks and for trees on the other side of the valley.
You can see Ninja here as the sun was setting and it gave the fir trees on the other side this beautiful blue shadow. I loved the contrast.
From our past stories you may recognize this rock as I directed Ninja to pose on this spot. You can really see how comfortable Ninja was, even though he wanted to return to the car at first, because he did not understand why we stopped there and he was walking without leash and harness 😆 eventually he realized that we stopped to make pictures.
The rock here is directly at the road and I was taking pictures from below the line of sight, so some of the passing cars probably wondered about ‚the wolf‘ 😆
The past days I got a lot of questions about the snow… We were driving from Freiburg to Bernau and found a lot of snow on the way ☃️❄️
Ninja ate raw chicken, the bones and salmonella are not really a problem. Raw bones are really soft, you can cut them with a knife. When you hear the bones they may splinter and be harmful. This goes for all heated bones, do not feed heated bones or those that are made to carry a lot of weight.


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