TV-Series: Lost, Prison Break, Heroes, Supernatural

Its 03:25 am now and I have just finished watching another episode of Heroes. At first I had a lot of prejudiced against this series – I mean marvel kind of super heroes, new evolution to mankind, people developing their powers. It simply sounded so *yawn*
Everywhere you hear that the series is so good, which is usually another sign that Something is so mainstream that I do not like it. So I refused to even look at the series, but last week I was so bored that I finally started to watch the first episodes and I am really utterly impressed. I often find myself saying, damn its the best series I have ever seen.
Its the perfect mix of genres. How the characters are slowly drawn together, becoming aware of their strengths and the problems associated with it are well weaved into the more intense and thrilling story.

I also liked the first season of Lost, but when the season ended without some kind of solution or insight about the happenings on the island I was a little disappointed. I think at every end of an individual season should have some kind of ending, instead of having the main characters blown up while you have to wait 6 months to see who survived.
Also the second season did not have any major new informtion on what the island is all about. For me the story starved on the way through season 2 in annoying flashbacks. There are episodes in season 3 that I did not even bother to watch because it does not lead anywhere.

The first Season of prisonbreak was very thrilling as well, apart from a few unnecessary plots. But season 2 just seems to be artifically drawn to length. There must be a better way of advancing the story, than all the back and forth they are doing now.

A series that I totally love is Supernatural. Those 2 Winchester guys are so funny and cool. Especially Dean is a source for absolutely hilarious, cool statements. That combined with his affection to old cars and music form the 80’s make him my hero 😉
While the story is not as epic as other series I like that most episodes have a finish and develop the background story piece by piece.

Anyway I am so excited how Heroes will continue. I hope that Hiro, whom I find to be totally unique and funny, will be back soon.

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