3.2.2 Shaman Changes: Totem of Quaking Earth

After the recent complains about the bugs and general power of our Enhancement Totem of Quaking Earth they changed the proc to be 400 AP instead of 200 AP. I have a link to the MMO-ITEM DB here.

It is kind of odd that no other shaman changes are listed for now, but well the improvement of the Totem will be a nice boost and we Enhancement Shamans will no longer run around with the Elemental Totem anymore.


  • Totem of Quaking Earth: Each time you use your Lava Lash ability, you have a chance to gain 400 attack power for 18 sec.
    (Up from 200 Attack Power)

It is not yet in any official Patch Notes, but some Shamans confirmed this change already in the PTR Forum. Don’t forget to save up some emblems for the coming Patch!

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