This picture is from last weekend’s trip to the Ermitage in Arlesheim. The spot …

This picture is from last weekend’s trip to the Ermitage in Arlesheim.
The spot is on the other side in the Grotto where the previous Rocky picture was taken.
I directed Ninja inside the to climb through the Grotto while I waited at the outside. He managed right away 😊
People were amazed how good he can be directed remotely… ‚Go back, a little left, look right! Closer, give paw!‘
People sometimes don’t understand that these commands, as cute as they are serve, a purpose.
With ‚Go back, or give paw!‘ for example you can untangle a leash or when posing as a model you can give Ninja a more natural pose as he will stand comfortably before executing the command.
It is not always successful, as e.g. here where I tried to make him ‚give paw!‘ to get both paws close on top of the little elevation. It would have resulted in getting both of his paws very close together which is essential if I want Ninja to pose wolfy.
But then I realized he looks all fluffy and cute and let it be.
I love these fluffy cheeks and love to grab Ninja by them and gently rub his face, which usually results in Ninja wanting to give kisses.
Meanwhile I know how quick he is with his huge tongue and just keep 3nough distance that he can kiss the sides of my throat or chin.
I am not really a big fan of this as Ninja gives all when he kisses. Other dogs are slow and careful, but Ninja kisses passionately with all of his tongue and he won’t hesitate if your mouth is open 😛😳
on the other side, it is how these animals show affection and I would never train that off. If people do not like it just do not bend towards Ninja or push him away 😊
I know that at times I have to simply endure this behaviour to increase the bonding process and let him do it.
Ninja is such a good boy 😊


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