There are currently dozens of accounts using my pictures without consent. They d…

There are currently dozens of accounts using my pictures without consent. They do not ask for permission and try to grow their account or business using my work.
Uploading pictures without consent of the creator is copyright infringement. Even if you give proper attribution, you are still violating copyright.
A big part of the problem are people that follow these accounts and give them engagement this growing their account and making it more visible to others. By doing this you are hurting original creators like me.
You have no idea how hard I work to provide you with the content I create. The training, buying the gear, travelling to these locations, expenses at the location ( e.g. 80€ at the glacier for the aerial cableway ), waiting for hours to get the light right… then post processing, keeping in contact with other accounts and replying to messages. The point where I take some pictures while hiking lies way past us.
In my high times I have spend 6-8 hours a day here on Instagram alone, trying to keep the engagement high. Instagram/Facebook punishes creators hard when they slack with engaging… They reduce visibility and only hardcore fans will see Your work. For others it will be invisible.
As a content thief you need to do nothing… You download a bot, that will automatically scrape pictures and captions from tags you program it to and set it to autopost 2 or 3 times a day.
Watermarks are no solution, they get cropped or edited.
It is frustrating, I have right now 76 feeds in my list that try to make money using my work and see followers liking their content.
It costs a good 10 minutes to report a single site, if they took only a few pictures.
The largest account took 99 of my pictures… 99 times where I have to copy their url and then find the picture on my feed copy my url… It is really taking the fun out of it a bit…
It is not true that You lose your rights when uploading on social media, you give Instagram or Facebook the right to display the pictures because otherwise they would be unable to do so… But this is for the Social Media company only and not third parties.
If you care to support your creators, do not support such pages.


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