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In 1995 I started my first website and the University of Armed Forces in Germany in Hamburg and always liked to design them – that did not mean that I was realyl good at it 😉

About 10-15 years back I have read a nice book about the historical background of merlin and thus used the name myrddin from then on in all RPG’s I played, especially in MMORPG’s. It has been almost 10 years now that I have this domain active.
During the last years I have more or less used the website simply as a design project without much content. There were no updates and I did not check at the website for weeks and months.

My good old guild vanquish used wordpress to publish news of our progress in World of Warcraft and I thought it was a fantastic idea. Often I find snippets of interesting information and do not have the link handy, when I am asked for it. Sometimes I just have a nice picture that I want to share with others or want to have some information easy and fast accessible. So I started this site not as a real blog, just more as a nes system and online collection of bookmarks and snippets of information.
While there were no more than 3 visitors daily in August, those numbers have improved decent and especially the ratio of returning visitors is increasing steadily. This basically shows me that I am on the right path and I just wanted to say thanks!

The Name Slant, btw is taken from a novel of Lawrence Watt-Evans and is the name of the mainchar in his book „The Cyborg and the sorcerors“. The cyborg code-named “Slant“ was sent out as an Independent Reconaissance Unit during an interstellar war between Earth and its colonies, to discover if the colonies were still loyal to earth. Slant was controlled by his spaceship who would kill him and cause major damage to the planet as the slightest sign of disloyalty. This was probably the best book of scifi meets fantasy I have ever read and I started to use „Slant“ for my fighting characters.

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