Thank you very much for your continued support and notifications about the usage…

Thank you very much for your continued support and notifications about the usage of my pictures on other sites and feeds. Actually, I spend a half an hour to an hour a day getting these pictures removed, alone yesterday I had about 20 DMCA takedowns initialized.

I stopped writing these sites as their ignorance about their theft is making me angry. In my opinion, it is really nice of me, to not go after them with the full power of the law and b content with initializing a DMCA takedown procedure.

The law is on my side, if you use my pictures without my permission it is copyright infringement, it is that easy.

People ask me all the time if they can use a picture on their feed, as Phone background or desktop background and often I let them, even send it in a better resolution.

Some people just scrape everything from Instagram, spread these pictures without permission or attribution and have not the tiniest bit of bad conscience about it.

If I was caught red-handed stealing content, I would apologize and hope there would be no cease and desist letter coming, or even worse license fees and damages. But some of them are like “I should be happy that they use my pictures!” Yeah, I should be happy that they use my pictures, use them without consent, without attribution, that they try to grow their account, or even sell their merchandise.

People have no clue how much work and sacrifices are behind all this. Today for example, I got up at 7:00 and started to leave the house early so I could make this picture with the morning sun… we did 12km to get to this location and spent a good 3 hours on this one picture. Then I came back home edit the shot and try not to get sick, since the “shortcut” left me with wet cold feet in the Rhine 😀
I am not living of Instagram and do not earn a cent with all this to keep this ad-free… sure I love to spend so much time outside with Ninja. However, this means a financial cut that hurts. I do not have a car, the next camera, lens or even light is not affordable.
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  1. I do not mean to complain, I love what I am doing, I just want to make these people that simply take my stuff for granted aware why I initialize these DMCA takedowns.
    Copytrack is such a nice tool for me to automate these things… a way that I can get legal help in these cases at no charge in 140 countries
    So, if you curate a feed:
    1) use your own content
    2) make sure you do not use copyrighted content
    3)if you are unsure use another picture
    4)or get permission
    It is perfectly fine if you do not care if your pictures are being used by third parties… I do. Thank you again for reporting these cases to me . .
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  2. Well said! I’m also finding my images popping up all over the place, but thanks to you letting me know about Copytrack a while ago I’m now able to do something about it. Hugs to Ninja! 🙂

  3. It is so frustrating I agree completely. Your photos are out of this world amazing tho, I look forward to seeing them everyday ❤️❤️❤️✨

  4. Well said! The nerve of some people is unbelievable. I don’t understand how someone can blatantly steal someone else’s work and not feel guilty about it.

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