A tiny bit or moning mist wad available and a bright blue sky. . I have been sic…

A tiny bit or moning mist wad available and a bright blue sky.
I have been sick all night with shivers and vertigo, but I knew I had to get out to capture some of the light wr had this morning.
It was pretty difficult to deal with this but fortunately Ninja was very cooperative today.
I have not gone through all captures since I dropped back into the bed right afterwards… about an hour and a half ago I started to look at some of the shots and did some quick edits…
It is not easy on pictures with backlight, taken against the sun to get a good edit and sometimes I struggle for weeks before I am getting happy with an edit (yeah I am that finicky).
I knoe I messed some pictures up because I was not feeling well and I am dissatisfied that I did not get my usual output out of this great chance.
It is already late and I need to decide now to skip a day orr show you this not so perfect edit… I really hope you like it anyhow 😀
It is also part of being authentic and not just overplay this with a nice shot from another day.
I’ll answer your questions below 😊
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27 Antworten auf „A tiny bit or moning mist wad available and a bright blue sky. . I have been sic…“

  1. Oh geez.. sorry to hear that! Well hopefully you’re feeling more like yourself tomorrow.. another stunning capture btw.. Ninja is one of a kind and you’re both lucky to have one another

  2. @thecolliebrothers Thank You… He has two brdothers that have a similar fur, but ones body is not as tall and lean and the other has darker eyes… There are many really pretty huskies out there, but of the dark greys I think Ninja is pretty unique as he combines large size ( for a husky) lean sprint type body, long legs, wolfgrey agouti fur and those bright amber eyes (only 2% of huskies have these)…. I often hear that they are more common in nothern Europe…

  3. @ohhhromeo Nah… the blue and purple on Ninjas back… I would normally have seen it… but as will feel better the next days things will improve… have a nice weekend 🙂

  4. @balou_bc Es gibt ein paar keline Details die mich stören, aber immer schön zu sehen wenn andere da etwas verzeihlicher sind 😀 😀

  5. @dougs_hooman Thank you, the vertigo feels a bit better today… will have to struggle with it for a few days… glad that you like the picture, think it was worth to get out despite the circumstances…

  6. @paws.andreflect Indeed, it was well worth the effort 🙂 Thank you… it is a bit better today, but I will have to struggle with the vertigo for a couple of more days.

  7. @finnlok Haha… yeah… I always notice these things on my own pictures and do not really search for mistakes like these on others…

  8. I would love to share it on my Instagram or even better use it for my photo I could reference your work/feed in the description but totally understand whatever is appropriate is fine. Just so beautiful

  9. Never mind perfect. This photo tells a great story of nature – I can almost smell the scent of pine trees and moist forrest soil. Great!

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