Thank you to all the participants of the giveaway. . The winners are: 1) 2) …

Thank you to all the participants of the giveaway.
The winners are:
1) @dani_anima
2) @bruno.liebt
3) @chaospfoten_
4) @bella_and_amstaff.santino
5) @the_family_of_pom
Congratulations 🙂
A video of the draw can be found here:

I saw the trailer the new movie Togo and was very touched by it. Hey, I am a grown man, but I had tears in my eyes when I saw the trailer, heck, even now as I think of it.
„…all along what he lived for… was me!“
I wonder (or wish) if it was the same with Ninja. I recall that I had to get Ninja right away after watching it and hold him tight.
I do not know why exactly, but it was a mix of realizing how happy and lucky and gifted I am, to have Ninja in my life. But also a tiny bit of wonder if I deserve him at all, if I am not sometimes to harsh to him. I do not know, it was too many emotions all at once…
Someone sent me a message a while back that you can check the ancestry of your dog and it seems that via his sepp-alta line he is a far offspring of Togo.
I did not check it, but it does seem plausible as Ninja has an amazing musher bloodline and was not bred for his looks. So might there be a spark of Togo in him? 🙂 It is a really nice thought 🙂
If someone wants to check it out, I’ll post it as a story 🙂
Wonder if I manage to watch the movie at all… „Never Cry Wolf“ was one of the first movie where I noticed that it affects me a lot when animals get slaughtered… After „Dances with Wolves“ I stayed away from such movies, thus never watched „Hachiko“, because I know it will affect me a lot.
I recently read a book about the North Pole and they left a husky behind in the Ice and I could not even bear that. I was really angry that they can leave such an animals behind.
I will most likely wait till Togo can be watched at home and turn if off when it becomes too much.
Do such movies affect You? Can You describe such a moment?


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