Soon all the dried up grass will green up again. I can feel spring around the co…

Soon all the dried up grass will green up again. I can feel spring around the corner… and am looking forward to it 😊😊
Ninja spends more time outside… Yes he is a husky and loves it outside in winter, but his first two years living outside with his old pack, before I got Ninja 6 years ago, made him cherish the warmth of a comfortable and cozy house 😊😊
It has been 6 years ago that I brought Ninja into my life 🎂
I saw him advertised on Facebook. Sadly Esther’s husband, the previous owner, had passed away and she needed to slim down the amount of Huskies. Alone, even as a musher, the 20ish Huskies would simply be too many to take properly take care of.
She decided to let the best huskies go, in hope they would stay with their new packs and not get passed around as it sometimes happens with difficult dogs.
I recall applying for dogs in shelters and difficult situations for a good year prior… I was declined all the time, sadly.
No house, no garden, no money… But I live in a forest and have a lot of time, which is how I am able to take all these pictures…
Then I saw Ninja on Facebook and knew at once that I wanted him… He did not look this pretty on the pictures and I was desperate and put all my heart and emotion in a letter of introduction…
Esther wanted to see me and have her dogs check me out… I was crazy nervous… Train, meeting and staying with unknown people to get evaluated… But somehow I managed and spend a few days helping out with stuff… Think we emptied some shacks of old tools and cleaned them up….
Esther was nice when the dogs signaled that I was all right 😂
I am not eloquent enough to properly express all that Ninja brought into my life… He is the best companion I could have wished for… Yes Ninja is pretty, but at the same time Ninja is so much more… He helped me open up with people, helps me Go tomplaces I have not been before, he never strays from my side and loves me at least as much as I love him.
Thank You Esther ❤️❤️


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  1. I know what you mean. Ninja takes care of you all the time and he knows what you need (sometimes before you know it). Good you have each other to take care of. Thank you for sharing this chapter of your life.

  2. I wish I could get that kind of dog that way too someday in my life!~♡ at least you’re brave enough to apply for dogs in shelter.. I don’t even have the courage because of my insecurities of having no garden and no money and the fear of being rejected 😡 it’s always fun reading your long caption! Been missing you lately and hopefully you’ll back to posting once a day sooner than later!!♡♡♡♡♡

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