Dental Care . Ninja often gets chew treats and bones to keep his teeth clean. Bu…

Dental Care .
Ninja often gets chew treats and bones to keep his teeth clean. But as Ninja grew older tartar started to build up on his large canines.
Slowly it became a problem. The tartar does not only build up on the visible part of the teeth, but it creeps under the gingival where it is no longer visible, keeps growing and may cause serious issues.
Last year I tried a product from a German company to soften up the tartar so it could be brushed away. I tried it with my old dog Akiak and it worked very well.
Ninja however refused to eat for a few days after each treatment and I stopped giving it to him.
We already had amazing experience with VETtrust in Basel, 🇨🇭 and decided to give Ninja into the skilled hands of VETtrust’s dental care department in Basel, the most modern vet clinic in Switzerland.
There are multiple advantages to a treatment at vet clinic: – X-Raying
3 years ago Ninja chipped his tooth while playing with another dog and blood filled the tooth, we could check if there was a fracture.
Also oftentimes you cannot see if there are already infections below the gingiva and a superficial treatment may not be enough
– skilled Veterinarians
A specialized vet will have additional training in his field of expertise and a lot more experience. Other specialized vets can easily be consulted within the clinic.
– anesthesia
prior anesthesia special examinations take place in order to adjust treatment for each dog
An anesthesia specialist will be present for all of the treatment
Ninja is already feeling a lot better and the results are amazing. Great to see his canines white, clean and healthy again.


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  1. I’m so glad for vets. They’re literally MD for animals ❤️ love them. And I just realised veterinary has area of expertise such as densitry, anaesthesia, etc. I’m an engineer but sometimes I still wish I could be a vet.

  2. @ninja.vom.wolfstor we need to have our dogs teeth cleaned soon but I’ve been wondering if they’re in any pain when they wake up? Do you know?

  3. So glad he is feeling better and his teeth are white, clean, and healthy again. People don’t realise how important dental care is for a dog.

  4. Kota is getting a root canal and an extraction, with a cleaning of all her teeth next week. Hers look very similar to Ninjas, just getting older leads to a little tartar. Glad he’s back to himself ☺️

  5. Hope he’s all recovered….makes your heart skip beats when your best friend under anesthetic…hope he made a full recovery and all is good

  6. That’s so awesome! I wish we had such a clinic here where I live.. (At the edge of Germany) Having real problems with my guinea pigs with that, because no vet here is specialized on them..

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