So, who of You is coming to the Beachparty at the 22nd in Cologne/Köln? The winn…

So, who of You is coming to the Beachparty at the 22nd in Cologne/Köln?
The winners of the German Petfluencer Awards will be announced and also Christian Vieler will be there to take his famous pictures.
There will be an underwater photo shooting, an agility event and much more.
@tony_petfluenceragency is organizing the event, be sure to leave them a message if you want to join last minute.
I would love to be there, but I am not certain I will be able to manage. I am currently travelling to the Hunsrück to meet Friends and next week I will take care of Hadez, Kaihu, Roja and Ninja while Frank and Raphaela are away.
This means we would be again have to travel 1000km to be at the show and need a place to sleep around Köln. Right now with all the other stuff that is going on behind the scenes I am not certain I can manage the organization. I will be looking for a solution though as I would really like to meet some of the people here on Instagram that I know already that they will be there.
Hence the question who else will be there. Possibly it would make the incentive to not miss out on it.
I know Ninja would love to be there 😊 He finds large events interesting and loves to observe everything.
As we are in our way right now, The Sender Blauen ist in our list today… We can actually see it from the terrace in the far distance. I have been told the sight is supposed to be spectacular.
This means I won’t be able to edit new pictures the next days and I hope you do not mind that I cover the days with some older pictures.
If you have questions or comments leave them.below. I try to answer them as I can 😊
Wish You a happy weekend 😊


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