I wanted to go to the Morgenbachtal today, but already when I woke up I already …

I wanted to go to the Morgenbachtal today, but already when I woke up I already heard the relaxing noise of pouring rain.
The Morgenbachtal is a little Valley close to Bingen. ages ago it had been used to transport wares from the Rhein up hills of the Hunsrück, a lower mountain region. The path has been been into the rocks and a little creek, trying to find a way through the fallen rocks and trees, is flowing next to the badly maintained path. Huge section missing and got destroyed from boulders dropping on and through the floor. The last time I was there we did not take proper time to take pictures and I always wanted to return one day.
I always feel pressured when another person is with me and instantly wonder how I would feel if I had no interest in pictures and I would feel bored… While I don’t mind, I would probably start to look at the rocks and enjoy the moment and suck this moment into memory so I can relive it as I choose.
But some people don’t care for the beauty all around us. It is ok, we are all different… But these thoughts rush through my mind and I try to make the stop for pictures as short as possible.
At home I end up disappointed when I see that I do not have the capture I want… For that reason I always wanted to get back to the Morgenbachtal, the handing bridge and the view from above into the valley… I will do that tomorrow…
It is still not beautiful outside, at least the rain stopped and in 90 minutes we are supposed to see the sun come through. This might look beautiful, observed from an elevation… The sun brights up the valley from the side and sometimes. I doubt this will happen tonight but I could be lucky and at least scout the location for a best spot. Then I can retry later this week.
This picture of Jasmin @jasminjanice has been taken on a workshop, 2 or 3 years ago… It was raining hard… I was there as a handler for Ninja and shot this picture out of my hips. I have so much respect for her as she laid on the dirty ground in the rain and still displays comfort. That is the kind of picture I would like to practice, just need a willing model… where both take the time it needs for a moment to remember.


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