Slowly we are recuperating from the past week a d the weekend. It was really exh…

Slowly we are recuperating from the past week a d the weekend.
It was really exhausting -the long travel and the short nights, the event itself and our appointment – but not in a bad way. I used to swim a lot and when you were done with those 2 or 3 km You were also exhausted but You also knew that You accomplished something. We wanted to make this possible on our end and it seems that we made people happy 😊
We have bad weather right now and I wait for better weather and make up for the companies that talked and supported us 😊
The dogs had recovered yesterday already, which made me happy 😊 …and a bit grumpy this morning as they demanded their attention and affection.
I really love how the bond with the dogs still improves bit by bit. Kaihu e.g. is in third spot so he gets a bit less attention than Hadez or Ninja do.
The dogs were outside and asked to come back in and I knelt to the floor and gave everyone a hug when they entered. Hadez was like „WTF, this is weird!?!?!?“ while Kaihu totally enjoyed this. He gave me kisses and it is the first time that he initiated playtime and we ran around the room and played pull-games with some toys.
Since then he crawled in my bed this morning, crawled to me on the couch earlier as I was replying to messages. He showed me in different ways that he appreciated my little gesture of hugs/kisses at the door. But he also showed Ninja a nice snarl as he wanted to approach, so I need to tune that down a bit and ‚elevate‘ Ninja again.
Thank You for reading and I hope You enjoy our content. If You have suggestions/questions please leave them below as I often get multiple times a day the very same questions and can talk about them only briefly in messages and can go into more detail here 😊


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