Recent searches: „best totems to use“

Browsing through recent search queries on this website I noticed the  query „best totems to use“.

What are the best totems we can use?

I’d say PvE as enhancement shaman the most commonly used combination is

Strength of Earth Totem is still stronger than Horn of Winter, unless there is a lot of moving involved or the need for Tremor Totem, it should always be up.

As Enhancement Shaman the Windfury Totem should be the primary choice in the Air category.

The Healing Stream Totem is the most commonly used Water Totem. Its heal might not be a lot but it helps to easen out consistent damage.

At first glance the Magma Totem seems to be an AoE Totem but it also  provides best single target DPS.

Of course there are a million situations when you should use different Totems.

The most commonly used alternative to the Healing Stream Totem is the Cleansing Totem. The benefit from having diseases and poison cleansed on all group members is a huge advantage over other classes.

Here is my „priority“ list:

Earth Totem

Strength of Earth Totem, Tremor Totem, Earthbind Totem, Stoneskin Totem

Air Totem

Grace of Air, Grounding Totem, Nature Resistance Totem, Wrath of Air Totem

Water Totem

Healing Stream, Cleansing Totem, Fire Resistance Totem, Mana Stream

Fire Totem

Magma Totem, Flame Tongue Totem, Searing Totem, Fire Elemental Totem, Frost Resistance Totem

Stoneskin, Wrath of Air, Mana Stream are typical Healer Totems, thus I placed them low on priority.

Hope that helps as a quick explanation.


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