Ninja got attacked . On our daily hikes we meet a lot of dogs and people. Today…

Ninja got attacked 😐
On our daily hikes we meet a lot of dogs and people.
Today we saw a british bulldog in the distance… we were like 150m away and the dog was fetching sticks. The dog was unleashed, so I saw no issue…
We walked the same direction… slowly but surely we caught up. We were still l80m away when they stopped.
I came a bit closer when the bulldog noticed us… without hesitation the dog dashed towards us while its owner screamed in anger.
I stood in the way and signaled the dog to stop… but it did not care and sidestepped me… without hesitation it bit into Ninjas leg…
Ninja is not a dog that fights back. He was shocked and I tried to pull him away. I tried to push the dog away with my foot… did not want to get my hands hurt.
The owner was still shouting… the dog now bit into Ninjas throat who was whincing in pain and shock…
I kicked the dog hoping it would discourage from biting… but it just looked for a better spot to bite. Ninja growled but the dog was not impressed.
I did not know what to do and kicked the dog … less soft as before but also did not want to really hurt it…
It felt like an eternity before the owner wobbled in. He pulled the dog away, kicked and beat his dog… without an excuse he turned and wanted to leave.
He said „you have a big dog, it won’t be hurt“…
I was really upset… demanded him to stop, he did not… I had to threaten with police before he gave it and gave me his personal data…
Ninja was hurt, but no blod was drawn… We went home and examined him in detail. He seemed ok and I gave Ninja a Zeel, for pain and to help with possible inflammation.
A few hours later I checked for crusted blood, but Ninja seems ok. Poor Ninja…


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24 Antworten auf „Ninja got attacked . On our daily hikes we meet a lot of dogs and people. Today…“

  1. I really hate when people do that. Of you know your dog’s like that, do something to stop your dog from doing it or at last to prevent from hurting others. Meanwhile here I am, my two rottweilers can’t hang out properly with other dogs because people think they’re agressive just by looking at the breed. That’s what really annoys me; it doesn’t matter the breed or the size but the specific dog. You just can’t be that relaxed knowing your dog does that without any explanation. Goshh, I’m happy Ninja is ok!

  2. Denke hier sieht man schön das es jetzt nicht daran lag das es eine englische Bulldogge war sonder weil die „erziehende“ Person einfach total unfähig ist einen Hund zu halten

  3. I cannot count how many times I’ve taken my husky to a park and someone stupid dog comes along and acts hella aggressive and the owner is like “oh your dog is big they’ll be ok” and I’m like no that’s not the point! If you have an aggressive dog who you can’t keep control of it needs to be on a leash. What if that was a child? Or a smaller dog who would have gotten hurt. I’m so glad Ninja wasn’t hurt what a horrible experience for the both of you and shame on that owner for not taking responsibility for the actions of their own dog. Some people.

  4. Ab zum Veterinäramt und zusätzlich Ordnungsamt! Denen das Video zeigen, Anzeige bei der Polizei gegen Unbekannt mit möglicher Fahndung! Bitte sei nicht zu nett bei so einer Person! Er straft seinen Hund, für seine unfähige Art von Erziehung

  5. @angebluh98 Diese Bulldogge ist völlig unterfordert! Die haben nunmal einen Beißdrang, den muss man unterdrücken durchAuslastung und Erziehung. Das arme Tier!

  6. Something that would definetly help if you ever have to go through this again is a break stick, they help you seperate the dog from yours

  7. That’s such an awful experience you both had to go through. Sad to see people not dealing with their dog’s behaviour in public.

  8. Times like that you wish Ninja would be a bit more vicious. Guess he could realize that dog was just stupid lol glad he is ok

  9. I had a Dog jump over a Garden Fence to attack my sisters Dog once it grabbed the poor bastard on his behind it took several good kicks for it to stop attacking and run off, I didn’t feel good about hurting the Animal but when it’s hurting family I’ll defend that family with all that is in my power, some owners are just terrible and don’t take any precautions see truly don’t give a shit and others are just idiots. Hope Ninja feels better soon hopefully like my sisters Dog it’s very little damage.

  10. Sounds like the King of stupid to me!!! Why have an aggressive dog off leash? Why assume just because it’s big it wont get hurt? Why nog apologize AT LEAST?!?!??!? And why on Earth kick and beat your own dog and think that will make him understand?!?! Uuuuuurgh, there is nothing making me more upset than this!!!

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