Let’s play a guessing game! . There is always a lot of gossip about Ninja… . W…

Let’s play a guessing game!
There is always a lot of gossip about Ninja…
What breed is he?
Are you sure he is a pure bred Husky?
He does noot look like any Husky I have ever seen!
He looks like he has wolf in him!
Sir, is this a wolf?
I get these questions every day… I like to play with pictures, to blur the lines between ( #lowcontent ) #wolfdog and dog by using proper composition, lighting and posture… but that does not count for the people we meet. Ninja does have a certain presence about him…
Giessing games with strangers and actual wolfdogs often lead people to guess that Ninja is the one with wolf in him…
I know from his papers and even more so from his behavior – conpared with real wolfdogs – that Ninja is a pure dog.
But that leaves the claim open that he might not be a pure husky, maybe a cross with a Swedish Elkhound… or a Tamaskan… there are plenty of possibilities…
Fortunately there is a solution for this problem: @embarkvet .
Embark will extract the DNA from a swab and checks for over 200000 markers to return a detailed view of the dogs genome and thus breed or mix of breeds.
In addition Embark detects over 160 genetic diseases.
Since this is always a hot topic for Ninja, Embark offered us a free analysis in return for an honest review.
That is great, since I talked for years about the benefit of embark.
So many animals are being misrepresented as wolfdogs. Many breeders – not all – are dishonest about the wolfcontent.
Embark can give you this information.
So… do you think Ninja is truly a pure bred Husky? Do you think he has wolf in him?
While I am quite certain, after all I preach it since 5 years on a daily base, there is still excitement to be finally able to wave the most renowned DNA test, Embark, at the people that doubt me..
..and imagine the embarrassment if I was wrong 😁😁
So what is your guess?
Which of the animals in this picture does have wolf content? 😀😀
🐶 👀 🐺


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25 Antworten auf „Let’s play a guessing game! . There is always a lot of gossip about Ninja… . W…“

  1. ninja does not look like a wolfdog. He does not the facial or body type for a wolfdog. He has shorter legs and a shorter nose. To me, he looks more like the old type of husky (you don’t see them a lot around anymore). I have a low content wolfdog (an American Indian Dog) and it completely differs from ninja. But still, beautiful dog! Amazing

  2. As I know in standart of breed we can read that husky males shoud be for 60 cm maximum. Your dog almost 70 cm in height, so he isnt standart husky, so may be he is mixedbreed. Or from sport lines

  3. The one on the right side, our dear ninja is a husky. Not a wolf… from what u wrote in your last post, if he was a wolf dog or had the wolfs blood in him, he would have torn that pitbull into pieces…

  4. I know when I first saw ninja I wondered. But now having followed more accounts that do have wolfdogs and researching it more I would be shocked if ninja had any wolf in him personally

  5. Ninja is beautiful!! Unfortunately, I do not think the results from Embark are going to be very helpful. They may say he does have wolf content, b/c there is crossover DNA from Huskies and Malamutes as well as other northern breeds that share similar DNA pattern sequences they may have in their database. I look forward though to seeing the results, but I would take it as a grain of salt. That does not mean there is not significant advances in science… it just means the testing procedure as well as the database to compare it to are quite limited at this time.

  6. Oof, I saw your story just a few mins ago. I cannot believe that that guy in your story had a dog just to abuse it!! You should have called the police anyway or followed him wherever he was going!! I hope the dog’s okay @ninja.vom.wolfstor

  7. Michael I am BEYOND exciting for this!! I cannot wait to see these results. Although I’m pretty positive I know the answer (#teamhusky), I still look forward to this. Keep us all posted!!

  8. People always ask me if Maya is a part wolf. She is native American Indian dog so she have husky and malamute and German Shepherd in her that’s why she gets that wild look like Timberwolf. She is not a wolf

  9. @ninja.vom.wolfstor I’m wondering if they call them different names here (in the States). The “wolf grey” Huskies that folks say they have in the States are really sables. I’d agree that Ninja is a true wolf grey. Here, they’d assume, like I did, that he was agouti. Thanks for the info.

  10. I mean in fairness people have asked if Strider is a wolf/wolf dog on several occasions and he very clearly is NOT. He is a tricolor collie. People have asked the same thing of my other sable collie. Is that a wolf/coydog? No, clearly not. People are ridiculous. My dog doesn’t look anything like a wolf, but people think he does because they either don’t know dogs or don’t know wolves. You’d think a tricolor rough collie would be almost as far from being called a wolf as a yorkie, but Apperently not.

  11. I personally do not think he has any wolf content in him, I love your photos and while his coat is gorgeous and “wolf-like” to the average person, I haven’t seen any actual physical traits that would me make me go, “hey, he could have a low percentage of wolf” I think he is a gorgeous husky!

  12. I guess also some kind of Laika some where in the lines, an east Siberian Laika maybe. But im afraid the embark databank hasnt got much data about the Laika breeds, but i might be wrong about that

  13. @_ian_the_duffman_ I also believe he is malamute or malamute-mix… not a wolfdog… cute dog and I love how many experiences they have together… dream live for a dog… but still… don’t like the missrepresenting.

  14. The one from left has or is a wolf! I know that because wolves are, like, my favourite animals. I can’t say exactly how I know that he’s a wolf , but I do! I hope Ninja is much better now

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