Ninja goofing around Episode 3

Wanted to make a with all commands Ninja knows… it must be like 40… so it turned out to be somewhat boring.

Then I recorded this new video and struggled for 2 hours to get that weird green tint from Ninjas forehead… until I lost patience and simply slapped a standard free GoPro LUT ( color filter for videos ).

I still like the video, love how willing Ninja follows these commands 😊

About one scene you are going to wonder… I taught Ninja to show his teeth and go forward when you blow in his face 😁😁
He is not ever going to bite… but the faces are priceless when people ask „He is soooooo cute! What else can he do?“ „Oh try to blow in his face!“ 😁😁

Again this is just a visual thing… so no worries 😊


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