As usually when I posts video there are controversial replies. . „I am happy tha…

As usually when I posts video there are controversial replies.
„I am happy that my dog has fun without having to make a fool out of myself“
„The poor dog is not a machine!“
„You are too strict!“
„Just let him be a dog!“
„What is all the obedience good for?“
When I got Ninja he had for the most part lived in an enclosure. He had lots of contact to dogs, and found them to be a lot more interesting than humans.
I wanted to change that, make him realize that here is fun, love and care coming from me.
But outside he simple ignored me… I wanted to change that, rewarded every tiny bit of attention towards me with high value treats ( dried chicken hearts soaked in salmon oil, all dogs within 100m no longer obeyed their owners and came towards me to beg 😁 ).
I rewarded Ninja for even looking at me to make him realize that it pays off to pay attention and be close to me. Then I varied the tricks, threw some goodies to the side, stood still and waited for him to become curious what I found… His reward was coming and finding the goodie.
I hid stuff in tree barks, on tables, in little holes… Basically I raised my value by showing him where to find good stuff… Whenever we stood still he came to check things out…
This is the point where I slowly reduced the rewards to quality kibble…
Parallel I handfeed Ninja every day for tricks… It was not about obedience or him functioning like a machine… it was all about bonding.
I was afraid, that Ninja – being 2 years old as I got him – would not bond with me as a puppy would… The obedience was a side effect…
Of course it was nice to see how well Ninja listens, what a great model Ninja became, how well I can direct Ninja to a spot… But the goals was just to bond.
Sometimes I am a bit frustrated, when he is distracted and thus misses the perfect moment for a shot, but I am aware that he is not a machine and I am aware that he needs to have fun and activities… But if You think this capture from the video shows an unhappy dog that is being treated badly then You are a fool.
Don’t be judgemental from a single video… You can ask me questions and I will answer them as I prove to about 50-100 people a day.


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  1. I cannot believe somebody says Ninja is unhappy for being obedient. You treat hi so good! Every one trick is treated with a word and joy! As cynologist I can say Ninja has everything every dog should have! A great owner who cares

  2. You are a great example of a great owner. I have never, not once, had the slightest feeling or saw any sign that gorgeous ninja is unhappy. That precious boy is one of the happiest dogs i know. You own him but he is free. He enjoys life, and your friendship. Thank you for giving me the ideas and tips i can follow to make the dog i have someday feel truly happy, healthy, and loved.

  3. The „tricks“ Ninja and you do, simply show a doggie dad who has invested a ton of time in developing a very strong and beautiful bond with his pupper. I know from your previous posts as well that all this behavior is what Ninja offered you unprompted at first and you, being present and invested in your dogs well being, paid attention and rewarded him for all the behaviors you liked :). Most people stop at the basic stuff like sit, stay (perfect come back, or recall, is the most difficult thing to achieve), but you saw a curious, willing doggo and made sure to use the activities and behaviors that stimulate him and he enjoys doing to form an amazing bond and insure he safely (and in a very fun way) interacts with the world around him. That Ninja has such a repertoire speaks volumes to his personality and to your dedication to your boy ♥️

  4. That looks like a happy, well-loved animal to me. I think you have done a phenomenal job with Ninja, and you two are so lucky to have each other.

  5. You dont have to answer to no one. He is an Beautiful dog. Training is bonding. I trained all my dogs. To me a trained dog is a happy dog. I had a dog once from a shelter that just want to bite. With Training he became a happy calm dog. He would not leave my side.

  6. Watching a number of your videos yesterday all my husband and I saw was a happy dog and we were so impressed at the bond you have with both Ninja and your other dogs. To be able to do what you do is incredible. In no way does it come across like you are treating home like a machine. I just see lots of love and a truly secure bond!

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