ME 3 Save: Love Scene Ashley

Ashley, a female Alliance Soldier, who fought and possibly shared your bed in Mass Effect 1 becomes a possible romance option in Mass Effect 3 again. I have 2 save games for you, the first one should give you the paramour achievement and the second is the actual love scene.

Love Scene

The first save game puts you onto the presidential commons deck on the citadel, in front of Ashley.

  • talk to Ashley,
  • select the top-right speech option

This will reward you the paramour achievement.

–> ME 3 Ashley Love Scene Citadel <—

Second Scene

The second scene, damn I ran over the whole citadel after each mission to finally find her, was kind of annoying but I am not really a fan of Ashley. But you are, I suppose, or you’d not be here 😀 Anyway I’ll make it short here is the save game when the action starts.

  • talk to Ashley,
  • select the top-right speech option

–> ME 3 Ashley Love Scene <—

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  1. Could you email me a save game right before she talks to her sister? I missed giving her the gift and now with your first save up there it’s too far in the story for my liking.

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