Garwal, Worgen Pet tameable!

To get this awesome Worgen as Hunter Pet you need to prepare a few things.

Garwal has 14k hp and he turns from wolf to worg at 50%. If you tame him before he transforms then he will stay a gray worg, if you tame him right after he transforms he will turn into the humaoid form then and then right into a worg.
You need to make sure you get him to 50% hp when the taming proces finishes. A simple way to do this is to use the ability Wyvern Sting.

A stinging shot that puts the target to sleep for 30 sec.  Any damage will cancel the effect.  When the target wakes up, the Sting causes Nature damage over 6 sec.

So you bring garwal to 52% hp (7400) and then use Wyvern sting on him. with about 15 seconds left on the Sleep start to tame. 5 seconds before the tame is finished it will start ticking and thus bring garwal to transform just in time.

  • Garwal is Level 71, so you need to be at least Level 71
  • The Quest „Alpha Worg“ (Alliance; Horde) in Howling Fjord. If you completed that quest you will not be able to see the worg and thus not be able to tame it.
  • Some way to manage damage to Garwal when the tame is being finished – wyvern sting, a friend damaging him to 50% or whatever method you choose.


And finally the Video here:

Good luck and have fun with this awesome pet!

P.S. I know the UI sucks and that the hutner sucks, I played her las tin 2005 in molten core and she still has some T1 😉 But when I heard of this I could not resist 🙂

UPDATE: Garwal has been fixed by Blizzard, but something jsut doesn’t seem right. His size is is extremely large as can easily been seen in the new video:

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